Smart Steriliser Monitoring



SteriMon system is designed to log and alert on cycles and status of steriliser equipment


What can it do for you?


  • Sterimon is a windows based Management tool; it provides an instant overview of cycles and status of steriliser equipment.
  • The system displays easy to read information and data is stored into a database for reporting and retrieval.
  • Sterimon is a serial logging System, which enables users to view the status of machinery and be alerted to changes of status or errors.
  • Saves you time and money by effectively collaborating data that would have typically cost you on paper rolls and ink





  • Data is stored into a MS SQL database
  • Alerts sent out on completion of Sterile or Unsterile Cycles
  • Cycle reports emailed out
  • Remote Live view of steriliser status
  • The data is displayed in text as requested by users.
  • Flexible alerting engine allows for multiple linked thresholds and tests.


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