Produmax MES Solution



produMax is a Smart manufacturing execution system (MES) that provides real time visual production information via a unified single view.

produMax provides a settings and resolution knowledge base to keep track of issues as well as being equipped with a basic planning function to see machine loading. It is a Visual Performance Management system that allows for easy communication of production status and issues within an organisation.


What can it do for you?

  • Saves you time and money by effectively collaborating data that would have taken many man hours to collect manually.
  • Total organisational manufacturing execution is made visible to everybody this leads to an increased accountability and efficiency.
  • Live as it happens error reporting allows quick corrective actions
  • Reports are generated on demand as required.  




  • Patented ProduMax visual GUI.
  • Uses graphical displays to create a VPM (Visual Performance Management) production and downtime monitoring and reporting solution
  • Interfaces with Syspro, Prism and Pecas ERP to exchang e data, with the ability to add more as required.
  • Simple text or csv import and export of data.
  • Custom designed interfaces can easily be added.
  • Collects data from PLC’s or OPC sources and saves it to database for retrieval.
  • A live client web interface is available to display the patented ProduMax GUI on a web browser, enabling the data to be viewed from anywhere in the world.
  • Integrated Quality Control data collection
  • Downtime analysis and recording
  • Real-time alerting of production problems and downtimes
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