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Live Monitoring’s PowaMon monitors, records and alerts on the status of power usage via either an OnSite or ONLine system .Using the liveMon core of the IP Based data collection and Interface convertors enables real-time monitoring of power usage and power issues as well as backup power availability .It can be interfaced to virtually any device with an analogue or digital signal.

• PowaMon interfaces to a number of different electricity meter types usually found at typical installations such as Lovato , Elster ,Enermax ... etc
• It can interface directly with IP Based sensors and record data directly from CT’s or similar equipment.
• PowaMon can use the liveMon base to monitor backup power devices such as Generator controllers and UPS .
Using the liveMon core also allows for the generation of alerts should any values go beyond a threshold i.e. if the Power-Factor drops below 8 then SMS and email an alert.

• The PowaMon OnSite server collects data from the meters and devices at the installed site.
• The PowaMon OnLine server collects data from the meters and devices at the installed site using a private APN and GSM connection.
• The sensor data is stored in a database for retrieval.
• If the data exceeds a custom client set threshold then alerts are generated and sent via email\SMS to the contacts that have been set as per a schedule.
• The data is displayed via web pages as graphs or text as requested by users. There is also a mobile web portal for remote access to the data.
• Reports can be generated and emailed to interested parties on a set periodic basis .These show graphs of values and data and alerts sent.
Versions Available
• PowaMon Onsite: Standalone Web based on site application utilizing liveMon engine to collect power data.
• PowaMon Online : Remote hosted solution to collect data from meters using GSM data collection to a centralized point.


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