Smart Emissions Monitoring



greenMon is an extensive environmental monitoring platform which enables you to monitor your companies carbon and waste output against the norm. You are now able to target, in real time, to make adjustments when it is necessary.

greenMon provides a single, simple means to collect data required to produce emissions reports for real-time and historic reporting. Where possible, inputs may be automatically obtained from existing systems or using Live Monitoring systems.


What can it do for you?

  • Saves you time and money by effectively collaborating data that would have taken many man hours to collect.
  • Provides an easier means to monitor the outcomes of efficiency projects.
  • Provides access to information and community participation to allow for the sharing on ideas on efficiency, progress, issues as well the pitfalls.
  • Reports and alerts are generated and emailed directly to interested parties on a set periodic basis saving you time.  




  • greenMon can interface with many third party systems. It has the ability to collect data from related systems such as ERP, energy and financial.
  • All emissions related data is stored securely in a database.
  • Data may also be collected manually by capture screens.
  • The data is displayed via web pages as graphs or text as requested by users.
  • There is a mobile web portal for remote access to data.
  • greenMon supports custom emissions factors by region, period or standard.
  • The data structure allows for organizations with multiple sites, departments and differing factors by regional affect.
  • Access can be set per organization, site and department as well as to each individual page.
  • The system includes a base social integration module for sharing ideas and communicating issues and resolutions.


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