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Live Monitoring’s FileMon is designed to collect configuration management database (CMDB) data of remote PC’s .This can include network statistics, installed software, antivirus versions. It is designed with a helper installation program to be deployed from a Central point and to self-install and self-update on command. It can also be used to detect the creation of files and to record and upload events onto a central database. It can be used to audit software running, to execute Batch files remotely or to run scripts remotely .The central point offer the ability to view an overview of the Data collected and to create exception reports to verify software installations.All of this functionality has been included into the smart LiveMon solution as well as some extra features.




  • FileMon interfaces to a number of different data points on the windows operating systems these can

be the registry, the file system the Windows Management interface.

  • Data is collected into a central SQL database where it can be analysed and exception reports


  • FileMon can use various methods to connect to the central data base these are Direct SQL, FTP,

Web service or direct TCP connections.

  • FileMon system has an integrated FTP service and SMTP agent so it can both send and receive files and emails.
  • The FileMon agent will periodically check for commands, scripts and updates from the central server

and act upon any of these accordingly.







  • The FileMon Onsite server collects data from the Windows PC’s installed site.
  • The PC’s data is stored in a database for retrieval.
  • If the data exceeds a custom client set threshold then alerts can be generated and sent via

email\SMS to the contacts that have been set as per a schedule.

  • The data is displayed via web pages as graphs or text as requested by users.
  • Reports can be generated and emailed to interested parties on a set periodic basis .These show

Graphs of values and data and alerts sent.

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