Efficiency Solutions Stack

Our product stack has been implemented to improve the efficiency of many industries .The current products include:


produMax a full manufacturing solution that does Manufacturing Efficiency ,Downtime Monitoring ,Alerting ,Orer and materials usage,Quality ,Scrap 

Plastic Injection Moulding

liveMon a unique flexible onsite and hosted monitoring platform that can monitor the status of any asset ,high value process .In use as server room monitoring ,ICT monitoring ,Power Monitoring ,Backup monitoring ,Process variable monitoring ,Energy consumption .

Elster Power Meter

greenMon a as it happens carbon footprint reporting tool .It can integrate with produMax and liveMon to produce realtime carbon reports and alerts .Carbon emissions factors can be customised depending on applicable standards and regional settings .

Carbon Footprint

fileMon -can collect configuration management database (CMDB) data of remote PC’s .This can include network statistics, installed software, antivirus versions

ICT Monitoring

steriMon-system is designed to log and alert on cycles and status of steriliser equipment

Steriliser System


powaMon built onto of the liveMon platform provides industry with the tools required for monitoring the efficiency of power usage.


ForkLift Monitoring a specialized solution that provides monitoring of Forklifts and Driver behavior and health and safety compliance .


Coming soon G.E.M.S

Cloud hosted monitoring


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Our product stack has been implemented to improve the efficiency of many industries .The current pro…


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